Your Guide to LGBT Jacksonville, Florida 



The Business SPOTLIGHT Feature runs for thirty consecutive days on the LGBT / JAX home page. Features are a minimum of 450 to a maximum of 525 words in length. You may write your own feature or, for a $50 copy writing fee, we can write it for you. In addition to being featured on our landing page, we will also announce your SPOTLIGHT feature on all eight of our social media pages including Facebook, Google+ and Twitter with a link to your article! Please select the appropriate option below to get started. Once your payment is confirmed you will be redirected to our submission page where you will provide the information needed for your feature. Please have the image you would like to use ready for upload. If you have opted to write your own copy for your feature please have it ready to cut and paste into our form for upload. You will need to provide a photo or logo image to run with your feature. Images must be scalable and in .jpg, or.gif format. 

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